Radically Loved @ The Pursuit- our name:

Adoption truly reflects the heart of God. Each of us has come to God able to offer nothing, and yet, through His son God has adopted us into His family, sealed us with the Holy Spirit, and promised us a forever family. It is this kind of radical love like none other on which we base our ministry.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a culture at The Pursuit where the orphans' unique spiritual, emotional and physical needs are met in a way that reflects the adoptive relationship we have with God the Father for which he went to great extent to adopt us into His family.

Recognizing that the entire church body is called to care for the orphan in this way (James 1:7) and that orphan care is pleasing to God, as His son said that whatever you do for the least, you have done for Him (Matthew 25:40), we in turn desire to:

A. Ignite the heart of The Pursuit to radically love orphans.

B. Equip the church with the tools to move forward in adoption or foster care.

C. Enable others to provide support to families who have adopted or are currently fostering children in their home.



Our ministry will be based on prayer. We believe that caring for adoptive and foster children who come from hard places requires both spiritual and emotional healing and that prayer is a key part of this. We desire to have a team who can pray for adoptive and fostering parents and their children.

Welcome home- Providing learning opportunities for families to prepare for their children to come home.

Respite- Caregivers would provide care for children for as little time as a date night or as much as a weekend respite. These individuals must have a humble heart with a willingness to learn what the parents believe is best for the child.

Acts of service- Often adoptive and foster parents find that the increased needs of their children do not allow for the typical demands of life to be met. This role would be for baking, mowing the lawn, shopping and helping provide for other service needs.

Prayer- Provide consistent prayer for a specific family. Trustworthy, appropriate, discrete, and intentional individuals would provide a family with a listening ear, prayer and scripture encouragement.