Staff & Elders


Kent DelHousaye

Lead Pastor

1. Favorite restaurant? Barbacoa
2. Dream Vacation?  Fly fishing for Taimen in Siberia
3. Favorite Dessert?  Fried ice cream
4. Fun Fact: My father was a pastor and my grandfather worked for Al Capone so I guess that makes me a second generation pastor and third generation gangster!

Turrell Jensen

Youth Pastor

1. Favorite restaurant? El Tanampa
2. Dream vacation? Greece
3. Favorite dessert? Mango Sorbet
4. Fun fact: I have been passionate about wood working since I was 11 years old.

Tyler Engstrom

Kids Director

1. Favorite Restaurant?  I love all ethnic food: Latin, Thai, Indian, African, but Arab I could eat every day all day so…definitely Arab!!!
2. Dream Vacation? By the coast with pine trees, sun is optional.
3. Favorite Dessert?  I am sucker for brownies and vanilla ice cream.
4. Fun Fact: If you doubled one penny every day for 30 days, you would have $5,368,709.12!

Lesley Yates

Creative Arts Coordinator

1. Favorite Restaurant?  So, so many...Kin Wah, Hodad's, Rice, Adalbertos, Miguel's, Thai House, Zippy's, Funky Taco...
2. Dream Vacation? Backpacking in Europe
3. Favorite Dessert? All the pies, pretty much anything lemon,  mochi, haupia, Twisted Sugar gf cookies... (all gluten free of course)
4. Fun Fact: I am part Hawaiian & hate pineapple on pizza! Also that doesn't make the pizza Hawaiian pizza...I said what I said!

Nicole Flores

Administrative Assistant

1. Favorite Restaurant? Olive Garden
2. Dream Vacation? European Cruise
3. Favorite Dessert? Cheesecake
4. Fun Fact: Been a Girl Scout leader for 14 years.

Gretchen Kirchner

Administrative Assistant

1. Favorite restaurant? My own dining room. I love to cook and to please people with my cooking. If I have to choose a restaurant it would probably be SaWaDee and Madhuban.
2. Dream vacation? I'd like to visit Israel in a time of peace.
3. Favorite dessert? Depends on the day & mood: brownie sundae (scratch brownies and homemade fudge sauce of course), lemon bars, chocolate cake, molasses cookies, French apple pie, mud pie.
4. Fun fact: birds and butterflies have both pigment and structural coloring. Pigment accounts for earthy colors while structures in the feathers of birds and scales of butterflies act as prisms to refract light, displaying the brilliant colors. This is why a hummingbird's head may look black from one angle and bright red from another.


Charlie Bussey

1. Favorite restaurant? Yardhouse
2. Dream Vacation? Skydiving in Europe
3. Favorite Dessert? Dip n' dots
4. Fun Fact: I have that weird genetic thing where cilantro tastes like soap.

Josiah Ransom

1. Favorite Restaurant? Yoi Tomo
2. Dream Vacation? Thailand
3. Favorite Dessert? Apple Crisp
4. Fun Fact: I love to snowboard and wake surf 

Rob Hogan

1. Favorite restaurant? I like Mexican food a LOT, but Taco Bell and Del Taco don't count!
2. Dream vacation? Cancun on the beach.
3. Favorite dessert? Cherry pie.
4. Fun Fact: I got my degree in math but was confused for a theater major.

Al Smith

1. Favorite Restaurant? Bai Tong
2. Dream Vacation? Garden Route of South Africa
3. Favorite Dessert? Malva poeding (South African)
4. Fun Fact:  I’ve ridden a motorcycle to above the Arctic Circle and back.